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Project 365

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© nascarxox, day 46, november 28, 2007
worth a thousand words.
People will often say that their whole lives flashed before their eyes after they experienced a traumatic event. Perhaps it’s a bit morbid, but we think that sounds pretty incredible. --photojojo: project 365

Welcome to PIC365. This community was set up so that other LJers taking part in Project 365 could share the photos they have taken. Feel free to look around, join, and participate!

Promoting of the project and the community is always welcome, cause we'd love to see what people come up with for pictures. It helps if you’ve told your friends about the project and asked them to follow along. Their encouragement will keep you going!

Any questions? Your maintainers are daisiesdaily & raynedanser and are always willing to help.
why do it?
(found at photojojo: project 365)

Imagine being able to look back at any day of your year and recall what you did, who you met, what you learned… (Often we find it hard to remember what we did just yesterday or even last night, let alone a whole year ago!)

Your year-long photo album will be an amazing way to document your travels and accomplishments, your haircuts and relationships. Time moves surprisingly fast.

Taking a photo a day will make you a better photographer. Using your camera every day will help you learn its limits. You will get better at composing your shots, you’ll start to care about lighting, and you’ll become more creative with your photography when you’re forced to come up with something new every single day.
community rules.

1. In the subject line of your posts please use this format: (username) / (day of project) / (optional title). Do NOT put the date you took the picture. Example: _orangeday / day 238 / striving for power.
2. No flaming. It's not nice. And you will be banned. THAT is your warning.
3. Adult content is allowed, but a cut tag with warnings ARE REQUIRED. If not the post will be deleted. Again, THAT is your warning.
4. Linking back to your own journal post is allowed, only if the post is Project 365 related.
5. Mods reserve the right to edit the rules as the community grows and it becomes necessary.
6. Posts with multiple pictures and/or pictures over 500x500 in size MUST be under a cut. (On the other hand, up to 5 thumbnails per post may be left outside of a cut. Anything over that should be cut as well.)
7. Posts that do not follow any of these guidelines will be warned and given 48 hours to edit the post. If it isn't done in 48 hours, the post will be deleted.
8. Don't steal/use someone else's pictures. For ANY purpose. Unless permission is given by photographer.

Want to affiliate with pic365? Contact one of the maintainers and let us know! Please be photography related!

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  • frequently randomly asked questions.
    Can I start at any time? Absolutely! We have people at all stages in the game here.

    How many pictures can/should I post? Posts can be as long as you want, but anything after the first picture needs to be behind a cut or a maintainer will ask you to edit your post. Warnings for those on dial up that the post isn't dial up friendly are also appreciated.

    Why do I have to use a specific subject line? All posts made in the community get added to the memories. The memories are organized by username, so its much easier to add to the mems quickly when you have your username as the first part of the subject line. We ask that you put the day of the project rather than the date, that way everyone knows how far you are in the project. Plus we have many people posting who are in their second and third year of doing this project, its helpful to see the day number.

    Where do I post my pictures? Most members simply make a post to the community, which is recommended. However, some post them in their own journal and link back to that post.

    Where can I host my pictures? Flickr and Photobucket are the two most popular online photo hosting services, but many members are also using their livejournal photogallery.

    What if I can't post every day? That's fine. Many of our members post pictures once or twice a week and label their pictures and posts accordingly.

    What if I need to take a break due to real life? That's ok, too. We don't want to run your life. When you're ready to start up again, just post. Make up lost time how you see fit.

    Can I just watch the community and/or comment on the posts without posting my own pictures? Of course! Everyone loves feedback on their photos, even the simplest "I really like this picture" is very appreciated.

    Does the picture have to be taken that day? As the project is about EVERY day, it should be. But we realize that once in a while, it just isn't possible. Some people find it easier to take multiple pictures whenever possible, just to have some for back up.
    tips on doing the project.
    (helpfullness from Taylor McKnight found at photojojo: project 365)

    Bring your camera everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Get in the habit. Grocery stores, restaurants, parties, work, and school. Going to a movie theatre? Snap a pic of the flick with your phone–there are photo-ops everywhere. If you have one of those tiny tiny cameras, you have no excuse not to have it in your pocket all the time. And if you don’t? Camera phones are a great substitute.

    Vary your themes. Try to capture the day’s events in a single photo. Perform photographic experiments. Take a photo of someone new you meet, something you ate for the first time, or something you just learned how to do. Take a photo of something that made you smile. And don’t forget to take a photo of yourself at least once a month so you can remember how you’ve changed, too.

    Tell a story. Use your blog entry, or your photo description, to explain what’s going on in each day’s photograph. How good did that dinner taste? What made you want to take a photo of that stranger? It’ll help you remember down the road, and it gives friends following along a better appreciation of why you took the photo you did. You don’t need to write a lot, just enough to add some color.

    Don't stop, no matter what. This is perhaps the most important tip of all. You will get tired of taking a photo every single day. Some days, you will consider giving up. Don’t. The end result is worth the effort. Remind yourself why you wanted to do it in first place. There will be times you’ll think there’s nothing interesting left to take a photo of, and times you’ll think you didn’t do anything exciting enough to take a photo of. There’s always a great photo to be made. Get out of the house and take a walk. Or stay inside and look around. Take a photo of something important to you. Take a photo of the inside of your house so you can see how your taste has changed over the years. Take a photo of anything, just don’t stop.

    Post often, post early. Plan on going through and posting your photos at least once a week so you don’t get backlogged and feel overwhelmed. Ideally, post every day or two.

    inspiration guarenteed.
    "To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality." henri cartier-bresson

    "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." diane arbus

    "A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective." irving penn

    "I began to realise that film sees the world differently than the human eye, and that sometimes those differences can make a photograph more powerful than what you actually observed." galen rowell

    "You don't take a photograph, you make it." ansel adams